About Me


I'm Julia and I'm a student living in Sydney, Australia. I've lived in a couple places around the world in my lifetime including Washington State for ten years before I returned to my home country in 2009.

I made this blog to provide an Australian voice and opinion amongst all the others currently occupying the internet. I love to talk about books, makeup, fashion and food! Here you'll find reviews on all sorts of beauty and makeup products as well as occasional life and baking updates.

If you want to find me in other places including my YouTube channel then please feel free to check out my Contact Me page.

I hope you enjoy what I have to say!
xx Julia


  1. Hey Julia, hope you're enjoying volunteering at the writers' festival. Which sessions did you especially enjoy?


    1. I spent my Thursday attending events so I got to go to a really good workshop/conference at the State Library all about getting your work published. I also got to attend a poetry panel and slam that night which I really enjoyed :]

      Did you go to any events?

      xx Julia