My Winter Love Affair with Patchouli

Monday, 2 July 2018

Patchouli has always been an alluring scent for me since I savoured Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb as my going out fragrance in high school. This winter has seen me investigating my love of patchouli a little deeper and picking up two different takes on the herb.

The first of these two recent purchases was a total surprise. While on my way through the airport on a trip to Melbourne, I spied an excellent sale on Bond No. 9 fragrances. This brand is particularly hard to find in Sydney so I couldn't pass up the chance on getting a deal on a bottle! After sniffing around I was really impressed with Nuits de Noho. On first spray it's immediately a huge wave of sweet patchouli with that lovely soft, hazy texture patchouli can have. Once settled you can really smell the pineapple underneath with a sharp fruity tang. It's not a scent combination that should work but the soft and sharp go together so well and are so unique to my collection that I am thrilled to have it. I particularly love this in winter because it has the warmth I want without any spice or heavy oud. Because of the large sillage and lasting power, most people would probably prefer Nuits de Noho for nighttime but it's my perfect scent for a freezing cold, drizzly winter day.

Many people compare this scent to Angel by Mugler for its similar mix of sweet patchouli. When comparing the two, I really prefer the Nuits de Noho for how dissonant the patchouli and pineapple are together. They both open with a huge hit of patchouli but Angel has a less specific, more diffused sweetness that is less interesting to me overall. 

Peach is easily one of my favourite scents of all time and I'm always on the lookout for a real juicy peach fragrance. After doing a lot of reading and listening to some recommendations, I decided to hunt down Gucci Rush, a discontinued fragrance many perfume lovers swear is the 80s in a bottle. This is my first ever blind buy because I could not find a tester for the life of me! I trusted in the recommendations I've read and purchased a bottle at the beginning of winter. I was surprised, but not disappointed.

I'm not sure where people are smelling the peach in this because Rush smells like a big ol' bunch of blossoms to me. Very pollen-y and warm with that soft but all encompassing powderiness that many people associate with the 80s. It sits closer to the skin than Nuits de Noho but has lasting power like nobody's business. Because of the strength, I find it difficult to use as a daytime scent but it's powdery aspect makes it equally difficult for nighttime.

These two fragrances are only similar in so far as they are heavy hitters and they last on the skin for yonks. Their different takes on the warm and herby patchouli have been my go-to scents for winter while I try to figure out what I want my cold weather wardrobe to really look like. I'm always drawn to sweet summery scents so I need something for the other half of the year! I can also thank them for reigniting my love of my high school favourite Flowerbomb, a classic in all collections.

What accords are you loving at the moment? Anything calling to you in the colder weather?

xx Julia

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