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Monday, 9 July 2018

Way back in March I posted about the 5 fragrances I was currently eyeing on my wish list. It's been a few months and that list just keeps on growing! So here are 5 more fragrances that I want to get my hands on in the coming future.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Nude
I've had a sniff of all of the Dahlia Divin range and this one stands out as the most unusual to my nose. The mix of apricot and osmanthus with an underlying musk gives it a warm, creamy feeling to an otherwise typical fruity floral combo. I think it would be beautiful on crisp spring evenings settling down to a low sillage, almost skin scent like a luxurious lotion rather than a wafting cloud of perfume.

Guerlain Black Perfecto by La Petite Robe Noire
I've stayed away from Guerlain fragrances for the longest time, overwhelmed by the amount of ranges and the flankers that seem to span decades. I never thought I would be able to catch up with such a history of releases. I've also never been particularly interested in La Petite Robe range because all of their bottles are nearly identical and deceptively imply all of the fragrances are similarly identical. Until I picked up Black Perfecto on a whim and was shocked! This scent is dark and moody without being spicy or too strong. The cherry and almond work beautifully with the rose and that liquorice adds a real kick down the centre that I wouldn't have been drawn to normally! This is an odd one for me but definitely something I want to at least get a sample of!

Clean Skin
I was pleasantly surprised to find my local Sephora had cleaned up its fragrance section and added some unusual choices including the Clean Reserve range. I was hoping to try Citron Fig, a fragrance I've heard only good things about, but was instead struck by the simplicity of Skin. It smells pretty much exactly as it sounds, like clean, fresh skin straight out of the shower: a little musky, a little sweet, and so easy to wear! It reminds me of the clean musk of Glossier You but with praline and salt to keep the scent more natural. I'll need to give this one another smell but it's definitely ignited an interest in this range!

Versace Dylan Blue
Not too long ago Versace released its newest male and female duo named Dylan Blue. I was immediately attracted to the garish, Greek-inspired bottle looking like a chalice rescued from ancient ruins. The scent however, appears to have absolutely nothing to do with the external packaging. A bright sweet, almost candy scent, the apple and clover keeps it light while peach and blackcurrant give it a juicy kick. When smelling this for a while, it reminds me of the sugary fruity scent of gummy bears but in a sophisticated way, if that's even possible! A great one for summer.

Hugo Boss the Scent for Her Intense
This one I've probably had my eye on for the longest and my window for purchasing this for winter is slowly closing! I typically find Hugo Boss scents (most the Pour Homme variety) far too overpowering and nauseating over time, but the Scent for Her is a really beautiful combination of peach and honey that is rich and juicy, almost syrupy in texture. It is a strong one but I think I would love wearing this on winter nights, especially on nights drinking wine with friends or snuggly wandering through a winter festival. Hopefully I can get a bottle before the season changes and this becomes too heavy!

What's currently on your wish list? Are we eyeing the same things?

xx Julia

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