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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

I'm approximately three years late on this review, I know. Living in Australia makes getting your hands on Glossier really difficult unless you have a super helpful friend who is willing to ship you some products from the US. It's been about 6 months since I started using Glossier skincare products and it's time to talk about them.

Glossier must be one of the most hyped brand of all time and I think it has a lot to do with their marketing. They're targeting people (women) who want that effortless cool-girl aesthetic with the barely-there makeup and the cutesy but athletic clothes and perfect skin. Most of their makeup is very light and natural so you'd think there'd be more emphasis on their skincare line if the aim is to have flawless skin and little need for makeup, right? But it kind of comes across more like a makeup brand that has forayed into skincare without much more than money to justify it. Their products aren't innovative or revolutionary but they are pretty and, sometimes, that's enough.

At least, they hooked me. I went all in on my first and probably only Glossier order. I came away with nearly a whole set of skincare products.

We'll start with the easiest: Balm DotCom. I absolutely had to get the Birthday flavour because that sickly sweet vanilla scent is like life to me. Unfortunately, this scent also has glitter which makes this multipurpose balm really useless as anything other than a lip balm. It's thick without being too sticky. I would recommend it as a nighttime lip balm unless you don't wear a lot of other lip products during the day because of how long it takes to dry down. Do I think you need to pay a company to forward your order to you internationally for this squeeze-tube lip balm? No. There are products just as good available in your country.

Let's jump to one of the most hyped products from the Glossier brand as a whole: Milky Jelly Cleanser. The way other bloggers talked this up and described it as a holy grail cleanser they could never be without got me very excited. Cleansers are my skincare weakness and they're the products I'm most excited to try from any brand or launch. The name of milky jelly is pretty accurate for the consistency of this product. It's neither a jelly nor a cream but it is still very gentle and non-stripping. Unless I'm using a really thorough first cleanse, I don't like using this product at night as it doesn't feel like it's removing any grease or build-up. It's difficult to spread and it doesn't really lather so if you're looking for squeaky-clean, this isn't going to do it for you. This cleanser is nothing special if you've already tried gentle and cream cleansers in the past. Another product not to hire a packaging forwarding system for.

In terms of moisture, I purchased the Priming Moisturiser and the Moisturising Moon Mask in the hopes of getting plump and glowy skin like the women in Glossier ads. After the first few uses, it became clear to me that the Priming Moisturiser was not moisturising enough for my skin and it wasn't until I began mixing it with an oil that I found a real use for it in my skincare routine. It seems somewhat misleading to me to advertising this as a "priming" moisturiser when it has no added ingredients or features that make it more priming than typical creams. Through further research I also found out that this product has a retinol which would account for my dissatisfaction in the moisturising department. Similarly, the Moisturising Moon Mask contains a heavy dose of silicone which kind of defeats the purpose of the moisturising ingredients. Instead I use this as a final step to calm, sooth, and seal in any skincare I've already applied. Between the two of these, there are plenty of other moisturising products that have better, more nourishing ingredients that I can more easily access.

While I'm glad to have tried these products and Glossier as a brand overall, I'd be pushed to recommend them to anyone else as more than faddish and overhyped. If you want to try something new and popular, great! But this brand will not change your skin.

What do you think of Glossier skincare?

xx Julia

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