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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

This year I'm in much the same boat as many beauty lovers and I'm trying to seriously reduce the amount of makeup I'm purchasing. That doesn't mean I don't want anything, though! I'm definitely still keeping up with all of the new releases and making little lists of what I would purchase if I was purchasing anything. Anyone else? These are the top palettes that are currently tempting me.
Image by Temptalia
Let's start with something that has fallen off of everyone's radar because it was released so long ago! But a few years ago I fell for the hype of Natasha Denona eyeshadows and purchased the 28-pan Purple/Blue palette which I LOVE but definitely do not get enough use out of. That's the only thing stopping me from jumping on the Natasha Denona Lila Palette. It's an absolute dream for someone, like me, who adores purple eyeshadows. Of every colour of the rainbow (excluding neutrals, of course) purple is my go-to. There's also something about that hot pink in the middle that makes me think this is a purple palette with a twist. I think I'll just have to add this to my cart with the next Sephora sale!

Image by Temptalia
On to an actual new release: there's something about the new Urban Decay Backtalk Palette that is calling my name. It might be how much cool-toned hype the women at Beauty News are giving it in their videos. It's like a breath of fresh air after what feels like a year of orange, warm, burnt colour eyeshadow releases. But it's also not your typical grey or taupe-y cool-toned colour way. What might hold me back is the depth of the additional face products; they might be a bit too dark for my paler than death complexion. Definitely deserves a swatch when it does eventually land in Australia!

Image by Temptalia
And, lastly, because I am an absolute sucker for any sort of blush palette (especially a Nars one!) I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the Nars Wanted Cheek Palette I. I know I have far more blush palettes than I could ever use up in my lifetime but the fact that this palette has the shade Bumpy Ride, a blush that's been on my wish list for years, almost pushes me over the edge. I just recently sold my Nars Unfiltered Cheek Palette I in the hopes that this colour way will suit me better. Like all of the above, this palette carries a hefty price tag, as well, but will that stop me in the end?

What is it about palettes that seem so much more tempting than other single makeup releases? It must be something to do with all the pretty, perfect pan lined up in rows, just waiting to be taken home!

Are any palettes tempting you?

xx Julia

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