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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

We all know those brands that every beauty Youtuber holds up in their favourites videos and skincare routines and absolutely raves about. They're often very expensive or unnecessary and they often have a heavy dose of millennial aesthetic in their marketing. I wanted to give these products a try and report on whether or not they're actually worth putting on your face.
Let's start with a classic skincare recommendation amongst Australian and New Zealand beauty bloggers: Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask. I remember hearing heaps about this product, especially from Shaaanxo, so I picked it up during a Priceline sale about two years ago. It's a cream, honey scented cream mask that you spread across your clean skin for about 20 minutes. It's supposed to be good for clearing and detoxifying the skin because of honey's natural antibacterial properties but, to be honest, I don't think this mask does anything at all. Mine is on its very last legs but I would not recommend this mask to anyone looking for actual results.

Moving further north to the UK and Pixi is a much-loved skincare and makeup brand so much so that I picked up heaps of products while I was there in January. I've had experience with the cult classic Glow Tonic, a glycolic acid liquid exfoliator for acne prone and combination/oily skin. Through trial and error I've discovered that glycolic and salicylic acid just don't work on my skin so I'll steer clear of them in future but if you get regular acne break-outs then this is a product you can work into your routine. Otherwise I've also used the Rose Caviar Essence as a rose hydrating serum and it was lovely and thin on the skin but I wouldn't pay the hefty price tag for rose essence again. Another rose product was the Rose Oil Blend which I purchased for the high concentration of rose hip oil and other great oils for hydrating the skin. If you love the feeling of an oil, this is one I would recommend giving a try! Overall, I've liked the products I've tried from Pixi and I'm keen to try more but nothing has been so stand-out that I'd have to repurchase it.

Fresh just launched in Australia through Sephora allowing us to have much easier access to this super hyped skincare brand. Probably one of the most hyped lip balms of all time is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. Everyone knows about the sweet lemony scent but in an Australian summer, these soft and ultra moisturising balms literally don't hold together. Even just in your purse, this product is almost definitely going to melt and become messy or just useless. I picked up the Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner after seeing it in nearly every skincare instagram account that I follow. It's a simple hydrating toner with actual rose petals in it to visually remind you that there's rose essence in it. It's a fancy product and I love the effects of rose on my skincare but there are also other rose toners on the market.

Newer to the market but probably the most hyped brand out of them all is Glossier. I purchased nearly all of their products in a huge order because I wanted to see for myself whether all the bloggers had gotten it right with this brand. So far, I've used about half of the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser, and Moisturising Moon Mask and I've been disappointed with all of them. The Milky Jelly Cleanser, the product I was most excited to try, is a no frills, very simple jelly cleanser that I don't think cleans my skin that well, it doesn't spread or emulsify well on the skin, and it's generally pretty lacklustre for the price tag. I'd much rather grad a drugstore cleanser over this. The Priming Moisturiser was similarly disappointing in that I don't think it's nearly moisturising enough for my skin. I've since found out that it contains retinol ingredients so I've switched it into my nighttime routine where I can mix it with an oil to make it more hydrating. And, lastly, the Moisturising Moon Mask is my favourite of the bunch but with silicone listed so highly in the ingredients, I would rather reach for other moisturising and overnight masks than this one.

The least expensive brand in this list is the Ordinary, a skincare brand that absolutely overwhelmed beauty and skincare bloggers for months when it first launched. Aiming at providing quality skincare ingredients for a ridiculously affordable price, there wasn't much not to like about the brand. It took me until now to finally make my first purchase and I can understand the hype. The packaging and scientific chemical names for the products make the products seem important and clinical, like using them means you're taking your skincare seriously. But it's also overwhelming and confusing if you have no idea what you're looking for. I'm currently using the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 and it works well like any other hyaluronic product I've used before. It has a thick and sticky texture which I attribute to the lack of any kind of cream base to transfer the ingredients to the skin but if you can get over the texture then there's nothing wrong with adding another moisturising step to the routine. This brand's range is clearly not aimed at me, someone who isn't looking for a collection of acids and acne products to sear the top layers of my skin off. For that reason I'm pretty underwhelmed with the selection and will spend my money elsewhere.

Have you tried any of these hyped skincare brands or products? Do you think they're worth it?

xx Julia

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