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Thursday, 26 April 2018

A few weeks ago I talked about Brands that I'm loving and Palettes that are tempting me and both these posts have gotten me thinking about brands that I don't seem to have any self-control over. They release a product and I just have to have it! I always find their products on my wish lists and I await their new releases with baited breath. It's as though they've tapped into my beauty weaknesses and know exactly where to hit me.

The first one is a little bit old school but there's a reason for that. When I first entered the online beauty community in about 2012, MAC was the only brand anyone really talked about. Very few of the cult makeup products we think about today had even been released yet, like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes, and people were still making comparison videos between the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. The heavy hitter brands of today didn't even compare to the popularity of MAC for anyone who loved beauty. All eyeshadows were compared to MAC, everyone had a Paint Pot, your status as a beauty collector was judged by the quantity of MAC lipsticks you had. I'm exaggerating to a degree, but not that much.

So, with all of that background out of the way, I want to say I think of MAC as my workhorse brand and that I can always rely on to produce quality products. I particularly have always loved their cheek products from bronzer to blush to highlighter, their all a win for me. And I don't know if my collection would be complete without a bottle of Fix+ and Strobe Cream. When it comes to limited edition releases, MAC is the best at coming out with too many all at once and being incredibly overwhelming but something about them means I always investigate, I'm always initially intrigued by  a MAC release and I think that says something for a brand that's been around as long as MAC has.

For almost exactly the opposite reasons, I find it difficult to walk past a Marc Jacobs Beauty stand without having a pause to double check I haven't missed a new release. I can almost completely chalk this interest up to the packaging. Marc Jacobs Beauty is sleek and modern and its SILVER. This might seem like a petty thing to say, but as someone who only ever wears silver jewellery and has spent 24 years avoiding gold, to see a brand embrace the cool silver accent over the much over-hyped luxury of gold feels like a nod directly to me.

Marc Jacobs Beauty doesn't have nearly the reputation as MAC and their price tag makes it difficult to take a punt on a new release but it doesn't stop me from getting sucked in! I remember a few years ago when Jaclyn Hill recommended the Marc Jacobs Beauty lip glosses in a video and I almost immediately went out and bought one. It was that easy! If they started releasing face palettes or limited edition eyeshadows with more cohesive colour stories, it'd be all over for me, I'm telling you.

And, finally, speaking of face palettes, we have my one biggest weakness when it comes to makeup: Nars. This is the brand I easily have the most of in my makeup collection and it's the one I purchase from nearly every time they release a collection. It must be a combination of some excellent limited edition packaging (Steven Klein collection, anyone?) and interesting or innovative colours and products that leaves me completely defenceless. Especially when it comes to face palettes! Nars is known for releases way too many face palettes that all contain either Orgasm or Laguna but I still fall for it! I've bought blush palettes from Nars that I knew wouldn't suit me just because they were pretty and I assure you, that only ever happens with Nars.

In the next few months, Nars will be releasing two new collections, one of which contains a eyeshadow/highlighter palette and I can tell you now, I will be the first in line to purchase it.

Are there any brands that you just can't resist?

xx Julia

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