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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

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In December and January I allowed myself to purchase perfumes almost completely freely in order to grow my collection and figure out what types of fragrances most appealed to me across the designer and niche markets. This doesn't mean I could purchase everything! So, I've written myself quite a lengthy fragrance wish list to obtain slowly over the coming years. These are the five fragrances I'm most busting to purchase at the moment.
First, the brand that really started my interest in fragrance, Byredo. Last year I purchased Pulp because I fell head over heels in love with it for a summer scent. The fragrances from this Swedish brand really appeal to my love of fresh scents and the bottles are such a sleek aesthetic. Bal D'Afrique is the next Byredo on my hit list. It's described as a woody, aromatic, citrus and is a bit of a twist on the fragrances I usually reach for. Notes include vetiver, lemon, tagetes, black currant, orange flower, and amber. One day I will collect all of those beautiful Byredo bottles.

After watching Kate La Vie's recently perfume collection in which she displayed her extensive Jo Malone London collection, my interest in Nectarine Blossom & Honey has been reignited. It smells exactly how you would expect from the name: super sweet, warm, and fruity. Main notes are nectarine, peach, green notes, black locust, and black currant. This one smells like pouring fruit juice on your skin in the best possible way! I would love to pick this up for the late spring days when you can almost taste summer.

Another one encouraged by a Youtube video: Serge Lutens Nuit de Cellophane is the fruity white floral of my dreams. Ami from Ami Loves Perfume recently recommended Serge Lutens as a niche brand for beginners and this fragrance is by far my favourite from their line. Without being the synthetic fruity floral of most celebrity and designer mass-market fragrances, Nuit de Cellophane has osmanthus mixed with jasmine and lily then fruity notes, mandarin, and honey to give the fragrance a bit more depth and sweetness without going overboard. I also just love the oddity of the name.

Last month saw Mecca launch a few new fragrance brands that were previously unavailable in Australia including French house 100 Bon. Their claims of making natural fragrances for those typically allergic to others on the market appealed to me and I have my eye on a few. The one I am most in love with is Eau de The & Gingembre, a tea and ginger fragrance that smells absolutely edible. The notes are really simple with citron and lemon as top notes, sambac jasmine and powdery notes in the middle, and a base of amberwood, vetiver, and cedar. It's becoming really difficult to stop myself from ordering this one because I just adore it.

Finally, another woody citrus but from quite an expensive brand as far as niche brands go. Le Labo is a New York house where the number of each fragrance corresponds to the number of notes in it. Bergamote 22, then, contains 22 notes with bergamot as the primary one. It also has vetiver, grapefruit, orange blossom, and musk. This is another scent I wouldn't typically go for but the mixture of bergamot with sharp citrus and an amber and vanilla base is just different enough to set it apart in my collection.

There you have my top 5 fragrance wish list of the moment. Are you lusting after any of these scents, too? Or is your eye caught on something else?

xx Julia

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