25 things to do before turning 25

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Today is my birthday! I've now officially been on this earth for 24 years and, while I've already accomplished a lot, I'm so excited to see what my 25th year brings. To celebrate 24 and look forward to what the next year will entail, here is my list of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. Some of these ideas are serious and some are silly because life is all about balance. Feel free to share with me some of the things you also want to do before next year!

  1. Get a poem published in a journal
  2. Make tiramisu
  3. Finish watching Gossip Girl on Netflix
  4. Practice and post more perfume reviews
  5. Figure out what my PhD topic will be
  6. Grow and connect with my blog communities
  7. Get better at Twitter and Instagram!
  8. Develop a yoga routine
  9. Take a cake decorating class
  10. Go to the beach
  11. Better curate my makeup and beauty collections (including brushes)
  12. Go to a wine tasting
  13. Completely fill a notebook
  14. Read Infinite Jest
  15. Go dancing
  16. Send a postcard
  17. Get those posters framed (I've been meaning to do this one for some time now)
  18. Bake a new cupcake recipe
  19. Go to Melbourne
  20. Donate books
  21. Volunteer
  22. Wear something outrageous
  23. Redecorate my office space
  24. Plant something
  25. Learn to live a little lighter
Goal setting and list making are a large part of my life as they keep me motivated, learning and growing as a person everyday. I totally understand if these kinds of things don't work for you or you need lists with more concrete plans! But looking at all the time stretching ahead of me between today and March 20th, 2019 could be scary if I wasn't so excited about how I'm going to fill it!

xx Julia

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