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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I'm a bit of a highlighter junkie to say the least. I love trying new formulas and textures and I am particularly swayed by cream or liquid highlighters as I think they look beautiful blended into the skin. So when Zoeva launched their Strobe Gels, I was all over it.
The biggest draw of this product is the consistency. The closest thing I can compare it to is flubber where it's liquidy when you don't touch it and more spongy, with greater resistance when you do touch it. When swatched, the gel spreads pretty evenly depending on how much you pick up, and it looks like a shimmery highlighter more than a glittery or glowy highlight.

The Strobe Gels come in three shades that all sit within the 'golden' family but reaching from champagne to bronze. They're housed in glass pots that make it largely useless for use other than in your house where you won't need to carry it anywhere. They also have little plastic lids that sit under the main lid and are assumedly used to prevent the oil from the gel leaking outside of the packaging. Unfortunately, mine came with product gathered all around the inner lid which makes it very messy to take on and off.

In my mind, this texture would be awesome for providing a wet, shiny look without being thick or chunky like some creams can be. I imagined it would blend easier into the skin without disturbing the foundation underneath. Turns out I was totally wrong.

When I first tried applying this product to my skin, I thought a sponge would be best for getting a dewy, well-blended application but the sponge simply didn't pick up the product. A light residue clings to the sponge but not nearly enough to then transfer onto the skin. But, no worries, I swapped to using my good-old fingers to find similarly unimpressive results. While the product does come off onto my finger, it doesn't stick to my skin without multiple applications with increased pressure. It's almost as though the gel sticks to the skin but the pigment blends away or clings to my fingers. And, to be honest, the result really wasn't worth the effort. I like a good dewy, glowy highlight and this Strobe Gel doesn't give more impact than my dewy foundation would anyway.

I will continue playing with this product to see what kind of effects I can achieve but I have to say that I'm incredibly disappointed at the moment. I had high hopes for some makeup innovation but they've been dashed by an unimpressive finish!

Have you tried the Zoeva Strobe Gels? Or another highlighter innovation?

xx Julia

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