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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

This past year saw a tangible shift in the beauty community into greater consideration of the mass consumption that product-based blogging induces. Particularly, the rise of the 'anti-haul' really drew attention to how most posts or videos in our community are largely ads to various products whether paid or not. I am glad to see people growing more comfortable criticising marketing and consumption patterns perpetuated by blogging and being vocal about the products you simply don't need. So, this is my two cents if you care to continue!
Makeup setting spray
Don't get me wrong, I am an absolute sucker for a good face mist. I love how easy they are to use and how refreshing they can be, especially in the Sydney summer heat, but, when it comes to setting sprays in particular, you really just don't need them. The way these are often marketed is as the finishing touch on your makeup to help it last all day but if you're using the right products for your skin and a primer, this additional step isn't going to make a whole lot of difference. Or it's aimed at settling your makeup into your skin and reducing the 'powdery' look. To this I've always thought: if you don't want your makeup to look powdery, don't use powder! Or at least use less of it. If makeup setting sprays are your replacement for primer, then go for it, but as an additional step, it's unnecessary!

This one is a bit of a sore spot amongst skincare lovers because everyone has a different take on it. Toners, back in the day, were originally used to clean off excess cleanser or rebalance the pH levels in your skin after cleansing. Nowadays, most cleansers are already pH balanced so the role of the toner has shifted to an additional moisturising or treatment step. But if the products you're already using aren't enough, then you should add another product to extend your routine, you should purchase products that work for you! I often think these added steps to skincare or makeup routines are a bit of a ploy in the long run.

Makeup remover
I am a big fan of the double cleanse and, if you where makeup, I highly recommend removing your makeup before going in with a second cleanser. But when there are cleansers on the market that will both remove makeup and clean the skin, it makes an additional makeup remover a bit redundant. That's what I love about oil cleaners: I can remove all my makeup first and then go in with the same product to clean a second time. No need for two products. At this point I'm probably sounding like a bit of a broken record but unnecessary steps are just unnecessary!

Just like contouring, the cat-eye, and strobing, colour-correcting was one of those beauty fads that had it's moment. Everyone thought they needed a colour-correcting palette with blue and green and peach to makeup your skin the perfect colour to apply your foundation and concealer over the top of. The truth is, most people don't have enough pigmentation problems to warrant using a colour-corrector at all. I, in particular, fell hard for the idea of using lavender shades to brighten without really considering that my skin is pale enough with added 'brightness'! I view this as one of those techniques borrowed from professional makeup artists that caught hold in mainstream markets for all the wrong reasons.

Eyebrow products
Perhaps one of the biggest lessons to learn from the project panning community is the concept of 'multi-tasking' products. It's the idea that powder is powder, cream is cream and if you can use it on one part of your face, you can use it on another. It quickly makes the desire to purchase a powder for your eyebrows and a powder for your eyes in the same colour but for different applications seem absurd. We all have a million and one brown eyeshadows that look identical to our eyebrow powders or pencils so why not multi-task them!

Are there any beauty products you think are unnecessary? Share them with me!

xx Julia

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