Overcoming a makeup rut

Monday, 5 December 2016

In a few videos over the last month or so, I've mentioned a growing boredom with the recent beauty releases on offer and with the neutrality of popular makeup in general. Personally, this boredom has thrown me into a makeup rut but it's also a consensus that I think a lot of people are coming to at the moment so let's flesh it out a bit.

This year has been a year of me committing to the project panning community as you can see in all the challenges and project updates I've been posting over the year. It's been a year of changing my relationship with my makeup collection and really learning to accept and love what I have. It's also had a huge impact on how I interpret new beauty launches because I'm much more discerning of how the new thing compares to or fits within what I already have. 

Doing a Pan that Palette throughout most of the year showed me how long eyeshadow really takes to use which makes opening my eyeshadow drawer an overwhelming experience every time. I already have all of the neutral brown eyeshadows that I could ever need. And yet, makeup companies release neutral palette after neutral palette every single month. It gets pretty boring, really. But I'm still a huge fan of eyeshadow and I still love collecting it. So when I found that I couldn't really purchase any new eyeshadows I began purchasing more and more of other beauty categories to make up for my need for new eyeshadow to play with.

Surprise, surprise. I didn't find that satisfying. Now, instead of just my eyeshadow drawer overwhelming me, my whole collection overwhelmed me and I found myself sticking to the same products day in and day out to avoid having to sort through all of my new products and come to terms with all the stuff I had bought. This is what I would call a rut.

The short-term solution seems pretty clear: stop purchasing new products and begin cycling through the products you own slowly with makeup baskets or shopping your stash. But long-term, how do we find inspiration and joy in an industry that seems to be pumping out the same over-hyped, unoriginal products every season? At some point, surely, the need to consume the newest thing will be overcome by the realisation that we already own it?

I can't say my choice was the perfect one; I went out and purchased the Natasha Denona Purple-Blue 28-Pan Palette. But, I have to say, since that purchase, I've really come to terms with the fact that I don't need to purchase the newest release to feel content. For the first time in a really long time, I feel like I have everything I need and I don't want to purchase anything else.

Now, I seek inspiration in the things I have always loved: purples, taupes, corals, and a bit of sparkle and shine. I don't need to be doing what the most recent cover girl is doing or using what she's using. It's such an odd calm to me, to genuinely not want more, more, more because I know what I love already. Keep in mind, though, this has taken me years to figure out. I'm not saying it was easy or even that I'll feel this way forever but I kind of feel like I get it. I now know it feels like to love what I've got.

What are your experiences with makeup ruts? Are you also bored with all the neutrals out there?

xx Julia

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