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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

We all know the hype. All the videos and blog posts saying you need this or you definitely don't need this. All of them keeping the product in the forefront of your mind so you begin to feel like a purchase is fate, it's inevitable. I felt that way about Natasha Denona eyeshadows for a really long time. And then I caved, and I'm here to tell you if I regret it or not.

Let's start at the beginning. Natasha Denona is a brand that came into the beauty community zeitgeist between 2015-2016 almost exclusively because it is very expensive. People love talking about expensive products because, more than most things, it throws what we do here into question. When so much of our community is about consuming, it only follows that we will want in higher and higher price ranges until something absurdly expensive pulls us up a bit. Think about Tati's WTF series; we all love to imagine the unaffordable. And, sometimes, us regular Joe Blows, toss our hat into the gold-plated ring.

So, the Natasha Denona 28-Pan Palette enchanted the market and we all went a little bit crazy, myself included. I watched all the videos: the ones saying they were so unique and so collectable and the ones saying there is too much product, it's wasteful and unnecessary. I agreed with the nay-sayers completely, because they were right. There is too much product in this palette and, unless you're a hard-core makeup collector or an artist, you really don't need these eyeshadows. But I still began researching the best websites to get it shipped to me in Australia and I made a mental budget to buy this for myself as a graduation present.

Weeks passed and I never clicked 'buy'. It probably had something to do with the decrease in verbal traffic this palette was receiving across blogs and youtube channels. But I was still thinking about it in an easy, muse-y kind of way. And then I settled into what I would call a rut. I made a post about how I began to get very, very bored with what was being released in the beauty world and how very neutral everything was becoming. I, like everyone else, have plenty of neutral eyeshadows and I can't say I've been wowed by any of the new ones on the market. As an eyeshadow enthusiast and collector, it began to make sense to me to seek out something a bit different. Cue my rekindled interest in Natasha Denona. Then, one 30% Off Beauty Bay sale later and here we are!

It is undeniably a beautiful palette. I went with the Purple-Blue colourway instead of the Green-Brown because I love a good purple and these cool tones really call to me. The shadows are really more of a pressed-pigment formula because they are so soft and prone to chunky fall-out, especially the glittery shades. But they blend like a dream and the majority have an excellent, true-to-pan colour pay-off. This palette is full of inspiration for me and, for that, I love it. I can do so many looks from the simple to the complex and from neutral to bright or anything in between. This is exactly what I was hoping this palette would bring to my collection so, for me, it was a good purchase.

I'm also probably one of the very few who appreciates that there's a plastic sheet with all the colours' names and codes. It is perforated, though, in case you want to rip it out. Now on to some swatches:

Row One: Cool Plum, Vintage, Oxide, Golden Beige, Quick Silver, Deep Pacific, Glaze
Row Two: Satin Skin, Smoky Plum, Rosewood, Golden Rose, Steel Blue, Powder Blue, Gray-Brown
Row Three: Lavender Gray, Electric Violet, Maroon, Piggy, Metallic Steel Blue, Petroleum Blue, Chromatic 
Row Four: Deep Slate Gray, Nina's Orchid, Aubergine, Calypso Blue, Smoke, Koh Tao, Navy
I know I'm harping on a bit about this but, even with the discount, this was a freaking expensive makeup product. I work full-time and live at home so I'm one of those people who can afford a purchase like this but the vast majority of people just can't. Or maybe they don't want to and that's fair, too. But what I find so interesting about products like this, like the Guerlain Meteorites or that rose petal blush or anything from Tom Ford, is the attention that it draws in our community to consumption. So much of what we love in the beauty community is getting, trying, loving or hating new products across price ranges. And, sometimes, I think we forget, or get caught up in the excitement, that our focus should be the love of makeup and beauty and the love of applying makeup and beauty, not the act of consuming products or purchasing for the sake of collecting. 

Then, products like this come along, and it draws particular attention to those in our community who can join in and those who cannot and, in some instances, it muddles the line of 'real' beauty lovers. Not in that those who can't afford expensive products aren't real beauty lovers, but that some of us forget that our ability to purchase isn't the line with which we measure a love of beauty. We should be careful to ensure our community doesn't turn consumption into the end game of our hobbies.

So, there you go. Not so much a review as a rambly discussion of consumerism and expensive makeup purchases. Just to finish off: this purchase was one that made sense for my lifestyle, my needs, and what I want to get out of my makeup collection. I feel very content having this product because I know it's something I will use and love for a really long time, well past its hype days. I absolutely love it, but I cannot bring myself to recommend something so outrageously expensive and unnecessary. You can find something just as fulfilling in the drugstore or probably in your collection already! Because, ultimately, it's not about the things, but the way that we use them.

Please share your thoughts in the comments, I would really love to know what you think!

xx Julia

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