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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Last week I celebrated my graduation from university, which was a very special time for me and one I wanted to commemorate with, of course, a beauty purchase. For this gift I decided to splash out on the little talked about luxury brand Surratt Beauty.

I've been interested in picking up something from Surratt Beauty since it launched in Mecca Cosmetica a few years ago but something (probably the price) always held me back. Well, not today! I finally took the plunge and built my own petite palette of four eyeshadows from the Artistique Eyeshadow range.

I'm a purple eyeshadow lover so I decided to create a little purple quad for myself with the shades Soie, a golden champagne shimmer, Ravissante, a very shimmery lilac purple, Ombre, a matte neutral brown, and Tyrian, a deeper purple shimmer. I wanted shades that went well together but could be used in a few different combinations and I think that's what I've achieved!

The texture of the shadows is beautiful: very smooth, very blendable, and not too pigmented. Like blush, sometimes eyeshadows that are too pigmented become difficult to use as you always get a pretty intense look no matter what you were going for. I love that these shadows allow me to build colour and intensity myself, which just adds versatility to the palette.

I'm very happy with my new little eyeshadow palette, even if it was super spendy! And I definitely recommend you check out Surratt Beauty if you're also looking to splash out!

xx Julia

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