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Monday, 5 September 2016

Cover FX is the type of brand that does innovative, interesting beauty launches very quietly. Their most recent release is no exception: the Custom Enhancer Drops. So far only the highlighters have launched in Australia but that doesn't mean the bronzers aren't hot on their tail.
I have a thing for highlighters. It's one of the few categories in my makeup collection that I am happy to have far too many of because I love the way they look and how much joy they give me to apply. Which meant I was particularly drawn to these babies when I saw them popping up on the American beauty youtubers' channels over the last few weeks. While browsing the aisles of Sephora Australia, then, I saw the stand, I grabbed the lightest one, and I bought it without question.

The first thing you need to know about this range is we're talking about liquid metal highlighters. You have never seen a metallic finish in a face product like this before and I don't know if you will. The range has four colour options from pink/silver to champagne to gold to bronze for just about every highlighting need. I clearly went for the lightest shade because I cannot get enough of a pink/silver shift.

Celestial honestly looks like liquid silver when swatched on the skin and blends into a bright white on the cheeks. After watching a few reviews, I decided the best way to apply this would be with a Beauty Blender or sponge to disperse the product evenly along the skin without disturbing the makeup underneath. I watched plenty of videos of women attempting to apply this product with their fingers and it more often than not simply didn't work. While I love this colour in particular on my pale skin tone, I think it would look far to stark on anyone a few shades darker than me and beyond. You can where the highlight you love but keep in mind it will be quite difficult to blend.

When applied, the product definitely loses its metallic finish and becomes more of a smooth shimmer. It blends well but too much blending can lead to a bit of separation and patchiness which can probably be chalked up to how incredibly quickly this product dries. Think of it like a cheek stain that you need to start blending almost before it hits your skin because otherwise it will set and you will regret it. Even trying to scrub the excess off the back of my hand was a struggle.

The Custom Enhancer Drops are the kind of product that will scare a lot of people off: if it's not the price then it's the form or the shade or how tricky it can be to apply. But this is truly a case of you get what you work for; the highlight and shine is like nothing you'll get from another texture on the market and I'm so excited to turn Celestial into my special occasion, feeling fresh as all heck highlighter of choice.

xx Julia

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