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Monday, 12 September 2016

My skincare routine is in a state of serious mix-up at the moment as I try a ton of new products I've brought into my collection over the last few months. Slowly, as I move through everything, I'll be updating you on what I think and whether I would recommend all these new things or not! This is the first round with some offerings from Neutrogena, Nip + Fab, and Origins.

We'll start with the oldest product of the bunch: Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum.  This brand's most hyped products are from their glycolic acid range but, when they were recently on sale at Priceline, I decided to dip into their Dragon's Blood range, as well. The main claim of this range is the 'dragon's blood' ingredient. Now, I honestly have no idea what they mean by 'dragon's blood' so I chalk it up to hokum. What I'm most interested in is the high concentration of hyaluronic acid in these products. Hyaluronic acid is excellent at boosting hydration in your skin because it can absorb 1000x its own weight in water. I've been using the Plumping Serum in the morning to help make my skin glow before I put my makeup over the top of it.

It's a relatively thick transparent product but what I find incredibly strange is the scent. Instead of the floral or herbal scent I expect from most skincare products, this one smells very strongly like men's aftershave. I can't say I enjoy it but I've certainly gotten used to it after using it for a few weeks. A hyaluronic acid product is one of those things that will give you more long-term benefits than any over-night miracles and I'm happy to say my skin has been looking plump and hydrated throughout my use of this Nip + Fab serum.

A more recent drugstore release is the Neutrogena Deep Clean Micellar Gel to Foam Cleanser. I was intrigued by the idea of a micellar gel as opposed to a micellar water but I think more than anything this product is jumping on the 'micellar' bandwagon of the moment. It's a typical gel makeup remover and cleanser which I usually don't like because I find gel cleansers very drying over time. But this one is so effective at removing my makeup and I haven't noticed any dryness so it gets my thumbs up! It is also heavily fragranced but this time with a fresh pear scent that I much prefer to the Nip + Fab. Keep in mind that the 'micellar' claim is just a label and this is definitely not something you'd want to use to remove eye makeup. 

And lastly, perhaps the most gimmicky label of all! The Origins Maskimizer has been promoted as a pre-mask spray to help boost the effectiveness of any sort of mask you put over top of it. I know, gimmick alarm bells are ringing! But I honestly just really wanted to see if it was anything at all worth trying so I picked it up the day it launched and have integrated it right into my routine. The ingredients make it out to be pretty standard: mostly water and aloe extract. It has a lovely scent and feels refreshing when applied, as long as you spray far enough from your face as the 'mist' is rather forceful on this one, but you will almost certainly receive the same results by just wetting your face before applying your mask. I mean, it's the classic example of if you need an additional product to make something work, you probably shouldn't use the initial product.

Have you been trying out anything new recently?

xx Julia

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