Arguments against added fragrance

Monday, 1 August 2016

Sometimes it seems like every mention of a product, whether it's in a haul, a review, or a favourites post, comes with an added comment about the scent of the product. Fragrance can really enhance or detract from your experience with using a product but the more and more research I do about product ingredients, the less importance I place on the added fragrance in a product and the more I would rather it simply wasn't there.
It does not add to the effectiveness of the product.
Added fragrance actually doesn't do anything. It doesn't clean better, blend better, last longer, or anything else. I want all the ingredients I put on my face or body to have an actual purpose to improve the effectiveness of the product.

It damages your skin long-term.
Especially in skincare products, added fragrance breaks down collagen production in your skin. You may not notice the effects over a week/month/year, but as your skin ages and collagen production slows down anyway, you will definitely notice the loss of elasticity and plumpness in your skin.

It can irritate your skin.
A lot of companies proclaim that they don't add 'synthetic fragrances' but that doesn't mean the products don't contain added fragrances. Instead, many products have essentials oils to fragrance instead and these can be just as irritating or drying on the skin as synthetic fragrances. One of the largest culprits in lavender essential oil which can make your skin dry, red, or itchy if you have a sensitivity to it.

It takes away space from other ingredients.
There are only so many ingredients a company can put into its products. It's a simple math equation that if you put an unnecessary fragrance in a product, you can't put an actually useful ingredient in instead.

It costs a lot of money.
Just like the perfume you purchase, fragrance is quite expensive for companies to add into products and that price increase is directly handed down to the consumer. So you are actually paying more for a product because of the added fragrance that doesn't improve the product and harms your skin long-term.

When it comes down to it: skincare/makeup/haircare products don't actually smell good because the majority of ingredients don't smell nice. But this doesn't mean they are less effective or bad products. Sometimes people equate a good smelling product with an effective product but it is more likely the exact opposite. While it seems almost unavoidable, I have been working really hard to search out products and brands that don't add fragrance to their products in order give my skin a break and promote the companies that place emphasis on effective ingredients above all else.

xx Julia

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