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Saturday, 16 July 2016

In which I answer the questions in the Would You Rather Tag: Project Pan Edition. It's pretty cool listening to everyone else's answers and seeing the variation in how we all approach project panning across the community. My video is a bit late to the party but hopefully you still enjoy it! Thanks for watching!

Mentioned Channels |
Courtney K | https://goo.gl/lZmfNc

the Questions |
1. Do a year-long project pan or 4 3-month project pans?
2. Pan an eyeshadow palette or a face palette? You can only use this palette until it is finished.
3. Pan a red eyeshadow or a red lipstick until it is finished?
4. Wear a lipstick or a blush for 6 months until you use it up? (or just for 6 months straight)
5. Do a Project 100 Pan or Project 50 Pan Roulette over the course of a year?
6. Use up your favorite product to get use out of it or use up your least favorite product to get rid of it?
7. Pan all of your makeup until it's gone or declutter it all to start fresh?
8. Lose your favorite product or have to repurchase a product you hate?
9. Pan a glitter eyeshadow or a black lipstick? You must use it every day until it is finished.
10. Tag specific friends or everyone to do this tag?

xx Julia

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