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Sunday, 24 July 2016

What a busy week it has been! I feel like I've gotten back into the habit of thinking up blog post ideas and keeping things new and moving forward here. I'm really enjoying it and I hope you are, too! My ears are always open to your feedback or suggestions so please share if you've got something to share.
To kick the week off I decided to join in with the Booktubeathon by posting my To Be Read video last Sunday. If you've never come across it, the Booktubeathon is a readathon held twice a year through the Booktubeathon youtube channel. There are events, challenges, and giveaways on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter that anyone can get involved in so it's a very exciting time for the community! This year I had some time to participate and I gave it a red-hot go! Technically the event is still running as it closes at midnight tonight but I'm very happy with the progress I've made reading this week. Check out the official youtube channel for more information about the next round if you're interested!

On Monday we returned to my regularly scheduled content with a post about my recent foray into drugstore skincare. I really feel like I've strayed away from the drugstore shelves so I'm trying to reinvigorate my interest with more affordable brands. I've returned to Nivea and tried some new Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula products but stayed tuned for even more soon!

It only makes sense, then, that I focus on one of the major brands in drugstore skincare: Sukin. Quite a few of the brand's products have worked their way into my routine so I did a bit of a brand overview in case you're unfamiliar with what they have to offer. I'm also hosting a giveaway of some miniature Sukin products so you can try them for yourself! Head on over to see how you can enter before the giveaway closes on Tuesday.

And then we have the project updates. This week was my first update for my Finish 13 by Halloween Roulette. I've picked some really difficult products so the minimal progress could have been predicted! Then, I've lost focus and slowed down on my Project Pan Roulette so this week I've made some major changes to the project to help remotivate and reenergise myself for this project. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

Weekly Interest: 
If you can't tell, I'm having a love affair with skincare at the moment. In particular I'm having a great time researching brands like Fresh and For Beloved One. Both have some globally cult products and pretty awesome ingredient lists. Fresh is difficult to get in Australia but For Beloved One recently launched in Sephora Australia which makes it much easier for me to get my hands on!

Have you had a slightly calmer week than me?

xx Julia

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