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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Another winter week here in Sydney sees us freezing our bums off! We're well and truly into the cold season, now, and I'm in the thick of some projects, too. I've turned a lot of my interest into different aspects of my beauty collection in an attempt to keep it fresh so let me know how it's working!
To kick off the week I had an (bit overdue) update for my Project Use It Up 2016 where I showed you how I progressed on my June goals and what I want to accomplish in July. I'm trying to set my goals higher than usual to keep myself motivated and pushing towards successes in my beauty collection. While it means I complete less goals, I'm happy for the challenge!

I feel as though I've spent a lot of this year and last year focused on the makeup side of beauty both on my blog and channel, and more generally in my life, but recently I've started to shake things up a bit and investigate skincare. This week I teamed up with Into the Gloss to talk about my experiences with serums and how they've revolutionised my skincare recently. If you have any serum recommendations, I would love to hear them!

This Would You Rather Tag: Project Pan Edition has been floating around the youtube beauty community a whole lot recently and I finally got around to filming my answers! I love the way our community investigates itself and questions why and how we do what we do so I really enjoyed watching everyone's videos and providing my own answers to the discussion.

Weekly Interest:
Having some time off has made me fall in love with reading again. Sometimes I just forget how much I love reading and how much I get out of it until I get back into the swing of things. This week (July 18-24) is the Booktubeathon and I'm very excited to dedicate even more time to books!

xx Julia

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