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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Earlier this week I talked about my current interest in drugstore skincare brands and products which spurred me on to do a brand overview of a popular Australian drugstore brand, Sukin. If you're interested in affordable, local, natural beauty products, then this the brand for you but let's get a little more in-depth.
Considering this brand launched in 2007, they've spread themselves pretty well across the country, widely available in chemists and supermarkets all over. Sukin is Australian made and operated and, according to their website, is the best selling Australian natural brand with products for hair, body, and skin. Their tagline of 'Skincare that doesn't cost the earth' nods to their interest in natural, sustainable skincare. They are certified 100% carbon neutral, cruelty free, and vegan which is pretty awesome, I must say. For more information about their ethos and history, check out their website.

The first product I tried from the brand was their Natural Deodorant and it was not amazing. As far as I can tell, it's just an essential oil mixture that covers the scent of your sweat but doesn't kill any bacteria or last particularly well. I also didn't love the applicator as it was just in a spray bottle which was unpredictable and a bit inaccurate. But I was not deterred by this luke-warm introduction!

Next I picked up two cleansing products. The Cream Cleanser is a very basic cleanser which I like using after removing my makeup in the evenings. It's simple and gentle and does it job but doesn't wow me. It's one of those workhorse products, I suppose, that you can rely on but that doesn't make you jump out of bed in the morning. 

The Micellar Cleansing Water was a very exciting purchase for me because the idea of a natural, affordable micellar water really appeals to me but this is the second to worst micellar water I have ever used. It removes my face and eye makeup pretty well but it stings the living daylights out of my eyes. It doesn't irritate my actual eyes but the skin around my eyes stings really badly after I use this and I'm simply not willing to put up with it. This is so disappointing to me because all the natural micellar waters I've tried so far just haven't worked.

I've just recently picked up some moisturising products from Sukin to give them a shot and I'm excited to see if they make a difference in my skin. The Skin Recovery Serum is from their Super Greens range which contains super foods like kale and spirulina to nourish the skin. I was actually pretty surprised by how thin this product is but I like it because it spreads over my skin easily and sits under my makeup really well.

The Antioxidant Eye Serum was a necessary purchase for me as my eye makeup removers have been drying out the skin around my eyes recently. I don't really believe in eye cream as your face moisturiser should do that job well enough but I was craving some targeted eye moisture. It contains aloe vera to sooth and rose hip oil to hydrate and reduce wrinkles and pigmentation. I'm hoping this product is was I need!

The last product I've tried from Sukin is a body product, specifically a body scrub. The Energising Body Scrub contains coffee which everyone talks about being great for stimulating the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. I don't know much about that but it smells absolutely amazing. It also has coconut shell to add to the exfoliation. What I like about this product is that it's like an exfoliating lotion as opposed to a gel or anything else. The lotion base makes the product really easy to rub all over the skin and means that it adds a bit of hydration while exfoliating which, in my experience, stresses the skin out a little bit less when using it. 

Generally speaking, Sukin has excellent ingredient selections. On all of their products they list the ingredients they don't include like silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, etc. They also label explicit expiry dates which is a minor thing but a super convenient addition. Something that urks me a little bit is the fact that Sukin claims on all their products don't include synthetic fragrances, which is great, but they use essential oils to fragrance their products instead which can sometimes be just as irritating as synthetic fragrances. I have sensitive skin and I don't think I can use their body moisturisers because of their essential oils. Maybe that's a minor issue for some people but it puts me off, for sure.

In summary, Sukin has some great intentions and I'm always happy to support Australian and natural beauty brands but, in all honesty, this brand has some hits and misses. I'm looking forward to continuing to experiment with the brand but I also know there are some products I will not be re/purchasing.

But, hey, why listen to me when you can try them for yourself? I have a little gift set of travel sized Sukin products and a canvas carry bag to giveaway. If you're interested, check out the widget below!

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xx Julia

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