Acidic Skincare

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Acids sound absolutely terrifying in absolutely all contexts but recently I have really been enjoying incorporating acids into my skincare routine. Whether they're for exfoliating, brightening, lifting, I'm trying them all and these two have stood out to me the most this far.
John Plunkett is most well-known for their sunspot and pigmentation products but this year saw them release a new range of daily skincare products including a Glyco Peel. This is the strongest glycolic acid product you'll find on the market at 25%, salon strength. Glycolic acid, also known as AHA, is fantastic as an exfoliant to reduce shallow wrinkles and any pigmentation from sun damage. I most love using this product to even out my skin tone and reduce my need for full coverage foundation!

It's important to keep in mind that this is a very concentrated acid and it can be irritating on some skin types. John Plunkett recommends using the Glyco Peel in your nighttime skincare routine (never during the day as it can increase your risk of sun damage) before your moisturise but after you cleanse. You can use it for three days and then take three days off and repeat or the same thing with seven days on, seven days off. If your skin is pretty hardy then feel free to leave the product sitting on your skin overnight but, if you're more sensitive, wipe it off after a few minutes. I usually have sturdy skin but I find this product tingles my skin quite a lot before I fall asleep. I can't say I love the feeling of it so I'm going to have to start rinsing it off!

An even more recent release is a range of boosters from Sephora Collection to add to your usual moisturiser or oil to increase the clarifying, revitalising, or luminizing effects. I decided to try the Vitamin C Luminizing Booster because I love anything I can use to brighten my skin. I like to mix about three or four drops into my morning moisturiser. Like the glycolic acid, this product is meant to be used in cycles of 14 days so if you've got a big event or holiday or special occasion coming up then this is the perfect product to prepare your skin for looking its best.

I probably wouldn't risk stressing out my skin by doubling up these two acids but I have been loving the effects they've had on my skin. And they're just so very easy! Nothing like the clay rinse-off or peel masks of the old days, these slip straight into my skincare routine without a second thought and boost it just enough to make a difference.

Have you tried any new acids in your skincare recently?

xx Julia

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