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Sunday, 26 June 2016

My first full week of freedom has come at last! Finishing my university degree has opened up a new stage of my life and I'm very excited to see what's to come! Expect to see a lot more lifestyle chatty posts as I figure out what I'm doing over the next six months!
I have always been a very busy person and, especially this year, I've had very little down time. This means I adore my days off and try to cram them with a ton of relaxing, productive tasks for me to do with my homebody self. On Monday I shared my favourite things to do on my day off to see if we have similar tastes in lazy day activities!

It's been too long since I filmed an empties video as you can see in the pile of things I have to share in my June empties! I'm really starting to see the effects of regular project pans in the amount of makeup I use up each month and I absolutely love it! Honestly, if you've never done it before, there is nothing quite like finishing up a full-sized makeup item and throwing it away!

It's the middle of the year so it's time for some updates of my yearly goals. On Saturday I ran through my Project Use It Up master list goals with a mid-year checkin. This is important for keeping me on track and reminding myself that these goals exist! While some goals are clearly not going to be met, I want to keep working hard and pushing towards them for the next six months!

Weekly Interest
My friend recently won an Instagram competition and decided to take us to Melbourne for a few days. I've been to Melbourne before but I haven't had a chance to just experience the city before. My favourite part was definitely the National Gallery of Victoria but I also loved seeing the La Mama Theatre show we went to. Melbourne has a completely different vibe to Sydney and I really enjoyed taking a short break there this week!

xx Julia

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