Favourite things to do on my day off

Monday, 20 June 2016

I am a busy woman which means I savour my days off and usually end up spending them in bed with youtube and a face mask. But sometimes I mix it up and pull from this list of my favourite things to do on my day off.
  • Cook a big cafe-style breakfast
  • Catch up on vlog watching
  • Tuck into my current book
  • Clean my makeup brushes
  • Organise my desk
  • Brainstorm blog post ideas
  • Binge watch Gilmore Girls
  • Do some yoga
So, as you can see, my days off are spent at home sorting out all the things that haven't been done and preparing for the week ahead. It's all about organised relaxation with me; I absolutely thrive on it. Is anyone else like me?

xx Julia

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