Beauty Buying Habits

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Being part of the project panning community online brings your personal beauty buying habits to the forefront of your mind pretty quickly. Whether it's a beauty no-buy, low-buy, or a structured beauty budget, all of us have different methods of dealing with our sometimes out of control beauty buying habits.
Last year I had some major restrictions to my income which meant I simply couldn't purchase any makeup or beauty products. Most people would probably interpret six months without any beauty purchases as a cure for any sort of unhealthy buying habit but at the end of my ban, I went crazy and spend an objectively absurd amount on makeup. But I learnt something really valuable about my beauty buying habits in that time: I cannot do no-buys because, as successful as they may be in the short-term, I end up spending more long-term.

Perhaps it's the build-up of pressure during a spending ban that makes everything explode when you are finally allowed to buy makeup again. For impulse purchasers, I can definitely see the appeal of just saying no to yourself for a span of time, but if you're just an over-purchaser like me, then a spending ban really just feels like a postponement of purchasing.

On the other hand, there's the low-buy which is much more a recreation of a healthy beauty spending habit than a no-buy. By limiting what you purchase to either just the essentials or the products you know you want or have wanted for a long time then you can curate your purchases much better. It requires a bit more self-restraint to limit your purchases when you're not used to doing it but I find there's a lot less pressure when the end of your low-buy comes around.

Perhaps my favourite way of dealing with my beauty buying habits is a structured beauty budget. I budget the rest of my life so it makes sense to extend that to my makeup purchases, as well. Many years ago I made a post about how I budget by explaining my excel spreadsheets for keeping track of what goes out and comes into my beauty collection. I've since added actual monetary limitations for my monthly makeup purchases and that helps me stay on track and not overspend in any particular month.

Do you have any particular way of dealing with your beauty buying habits?

xx Julia

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