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Sunday, 1 May 2016

I fell off the blogging bandwagon for most of April, unfortunately, as university work overtook my life in a bit way. But I am back! And ready to stick to my three-day-a-week posting schedule again. I'll also forewarn you that I'm working on some pretty chatty content so get ready!
On Monday I took a bit of a look at the panning community that I've fallen into over the past year or so by outlining the Pros & Cons of Panning. It's an interesting community or interest to get into, but it can often be difficult to explain the appeal of using up products and recording your progress. I'm hoping this post is a bit of a resource for anyone who's been curious but didn't know what to expect.

I haven't filmed an empties since the end of February so I had a lot of products to share in my April Empties, including a lot of makeup which I'm very proud of! I love empties for getting a little insight to what using a certain product to completion will do for your opinion on it. You can't really get to know a product better than finishing it!

A bit later than scheduled, I recorded my First Quarter Update for my beauty inventory. I like to track my numbers over the course of the year, not necessarily as any sort of shaming technique, just to make sure I know what sections are growing in my collection, or which ones are shrinking. It gives me another understanding of the state of my collection and I appreciate the added information.

I thought I might add a new segment to my weekly wrap-ups to share a bit more of what's on my mind and what's interesting me at the moment. Say hello to my Weekly Interest (working title)!

Weekly Interest
A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the youtube channel Superfruit and completely fell in love with the two guys running the channel. Mitch and Scott are sweet and hilarious and so much fun to watch. They are also 2/5 of the a cappella group Pentatonix. It was only a matter of time before my interest in them expanded to their music. Let me tell you, this band is awesome. I won't wax on about their fantastic backstory, but I will let you know that their self-titled album is the only thing I've been listening to since I downloaded it last week.

My recommended songs:
  • Can't Sleep Love
  • Ref
  • Rose Gold
But in all honesty, I love the whole album. Highly recommend you check it out!

I hope you like the new segment but feel free to leave suggestions (especially for the title). Have a great week!

xx Julia

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