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Monday, 11 April 2016

The Pan That Palette Challenge has really forced me to be creative with my eyeshadow combinations this year and work a little bit outside of my comfort zone, especially considering my palette choice has quite a few 'pops of colour'. My new go-to eye look dips a little into silver, a little into blue, without going to crazy for everyday.
I'll start with a simple primer like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance to even out the colour of my eyelid and help the shadows stick at their most vibrant. My eyeshadow also tends to crease so I appreciate the extended longevity. For the palette, I'm using the Balm's Balmsai palette. For my first shadow, I spread the shade Sandbar all across the lid. It's a beautiful silver shade with pink and blue sparkles that add something a bit different.

To add definition to the outer corner I add the shade Surf's Up, a shimmery shade somewhere between navy and royal blue which is just far enough away from brown to be interesting but not too wild. To blend the shades together and add depth to the crease, I use Epic, a satin-finish mid-brown, which I then run along the lower lash line to tie the whole look together. For the final touch, I use Righteous as a shadow liner on the upper lashes and highlight with Wipe Out.

My current mascara of choice is Volume Million Lashes Extra-Black from L'Oreal. It's a very dramatic formula that gives length, volume, and definition. I'll definitely be looking into L'Oreal mascaras in the future!

It's really a very simple look, most of the look comes from the same palette! But it's just different enough to keep things interesting as I move through the palette over this year.

xx Julia

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