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Sunday, 27 March 2016

We're just coming to the tail end of my skincare frenzy here on MissJulziez as I get some long awaited posts out of my system. Shortly we'll be returning to the usual makeup with a smattering of skincare and haircare, don't you worry!
People talk all the time about the ingredients you should search for and the ones you should avoid but those signals can get confusing, especially when you don't really know what you're looking for or why. So, I composed my list of Skincare Ingredients to Avoid to help decipher those ingredients lists and improve the quality of your skincare routine.

To compliment the ingredients to avoid, I also listed my Favourite Skincare Ingredients. These ingredients may or may not suit your skin type but they suit me just fine! These are the ingredients that make or break my skincare purchases.

Then, better late than never, I've posted my Feb/Mar Wrap-Up & April Goals for Project Use It Up 2016. I greatly apologise for the horrible camera framing but sometimes that just happens! I'm still trucking along on some products but hopefully I can manage to finish off some more products in April!

I hope everyone's Easter holiday weekend is going well!

xx Julia

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