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Sunday, 24 January 2016

This summer is unsurprisingly going very quickly. I feel like I'm still setting myself goals and plans for the new year but it's already well and truly started! But I suppose the first month of the year doesn't really count, does it?
On Monday I set out the plan for my newest beauty project. I've always struggled to finish up nail polishes so this year I want to undertake a very relaxed Project Polish. I've started with five shades I want to use up this summer and we'll see what kind of progress I make!

If you've seen my makeup collection video or consumed my content for a while, then you know that I adore eyeshadow but I don't often share my collection on my blog or channel. On Wednesday I decided to share with you my Mac Palette and all the shades I've chosen for my customisable 15-pan palette. These types of posts are always really helpful for me to see what works well together and what I would like to include in my shade choices.

Then I rounded the week off with my Finish 6 Over Summer Update #2. I've been working on this project since November and have (since filming this video) decided to call the project quits. I did manage to make some good progress but I'm going to move on to bigger and better things!

I hope your week went really well and you're prepared for another one ahead!

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