Top 3 Lipgloss Formulas

Monday, 25 January 2016

Lipgloss has got to be one of the most dividing beauty products out there: you either love it or you swear off ever wearing it again and can't understand why others don't do the same. I am in the love it camp, for sure. Something glossy, slippy, and slightly tinted is one of my go-tos on any given days.
Finding the perfect formula, though, can be very tricky. Some glosses are too sticky, too glittery, too thick, too drying, the list goes on. After much testing and blog reading, I have narrowed it down to my top three favourite lipgloss formulas that I simply can't get enough of.

We'll start with the most affordable and the most readily available: the L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaires are the most pigmented of the bunch by far. Whether worn layered or by themselves, these glosses do give a more than natural colour to the lips and they're available in a range of shades between neutrals, reds, pinks, and purples. My absolutely favourite colour of them all is Rose Finale, a bright rose pink that is perky and just plain pretty on the lips. This formula is cushiony like a mousse and stays slippery throughout the wear which keeps it from drying out the lips and becoming uncomfortable.

Staying on the cushiony theme, my next favourite is widely well loved amongst beauty bloggers as a bit of an outed gem. Clarins is one of those brands that has been around for yonks and they have done something beautiful with the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. These feel like a soft gel on the lips and are easily the most comfortable lip products I've ever used. All the colours are neutral and natural to give a hint of colour but mostly moisturising shine to the lips.

The product of the three that is least like a lipgloss is also the most expensive. The YSL Tint in Oils were released in 2015 to a great mix of praise and disdain from beauty bloggers. I can completely get behind both arguments because while I love the formula and the feel it, $49 is a lot for any lip product. This is exactly what it says on the tube: a tinted oil which deepens in colour as you wear it to a bit of a stain. I love the feeling of this moisturising, nourishing oil on the lips and I love how it doesn't move or spread no matter how long you wear it for. While I would recommend this product whole-heartedly, I also recognise that it's definitely a luxury product and not necessary!

There you have it, my great love of lipgloss spread out for all to ponder! Please let me know if you have any lipgloss formulas you swear by so I can check them out!

xx Julia

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