Project Polish 2016 | Introduction

Monday, 18 January 2016

Confession time: I have never finished a nail polish. It's a secret little shame of mine that I really want to rectify this year. In order to tackle this head-on, I've decided to try my hand at a Project Polish. I'm both nervous and excited but let's see how it goes!

I want to keep things very casual with this project and not put too much pressure on myself to finish things. I've picked five polishes to start with, a mixture of used and miniatures to set myself up to success.

First are two polishes that are basically completely full. The L'Oral Resist & Shine Titanium has been used once years ago and I do like the colours so I should work my way through it. The Essie polish I received as a sample from Priceline and is in the colour Cute As a Button. I really don't like the Essie formula so I look forward to moving this one out!

The next three polishes all have a bit more use on them, but not a whole lot. I tried to finish an OPI polish last year and was really discouraged by how large the bottle is and how hard it is to make progress. I'm hoping the neutral tone of Cosmo Not Tonight Honey! will help me get through it with less strife. The Revlon Brilliant Strength Polish in Entice is a great sea-foam colour and I'm hoping using up the 11.7mL will be a bit easier than the 15mL OPI bottle.

My last polish of choice in a nearly finished mini polish to give myself a bit of a headstart. This is Orly Terracotta and I've already finished most of the 6mL bottle. I'm thinking this will be the first to go!

Have you ever done a project polish? What are your tips and tricks?

xx Julia

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