MAC Faerie Whispers

Monday, 11 January 2016

I don't think I'm alone in thinking that MAC collections have gotten a bit repetitive over the last few years with plenty of re-promotes or repackaged permanent products instead of new formulas or colours. Then, news of the Faerie Whispers collection really caught my attention. Upcoming spring collections have gotten me very excited to airy-fairy colours and finishes.
I knew I had to act quickly as limited edition MAC Beauty Powders typically sell out straight away, no matter the collection. So, I jumped early and picked up the Beauty Powder in Pearl Sunshine. It's a true peach-shimmer powder that is definitely too dark for a regular highlight on my skin tone but I could not walk past the beautiful pink shift the sparkles have. Beauty powders are meant for using all over the face as an all-purpose illuminator but I'll probably use it as an intense highlight or 'blush-topper'.

MAC Beauty Powder in Pearl Sunshine and Foiled Shadow in Fly By Twilight
The Foiled Shadows were all lovely, packing a lot of shimmer and shine in each swatch. I decided on Fly By Twilight because I thought it was a really unique antique silver colour with enough base colour and top glitter to be versatile and wearable. I haven't had a change to use it but I'm really looking forward to a silver smokey eye in the near future.

Did you pick up anything from the Faerie Whispers Collection?

xx Julia

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