What I miss about white Christmases

Thursday, 3 December 2015

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One of the biggest shock changes to get used to when moving from the US to Australia was saying goodbye to white Christmases. Instead of snow and sledding, it's sand and surf; instead of turkey and potatoes, it's seafood and mangoes. I've adjusted to the change over the years but there are still a few things I miss about a winter holiday season.
1. Waking up and, without looking, knowing it's snowed overnight
2. Hot spiced apple cider
3. Frost-bitten cheeks
4. Spotting Christmas lights through the snow
5. The rich festive comfort food
6. Snuggling into bed after a long, fulsome festive season

Do you prefer your holiday season sunny or white?

xx Julia


  1. I can't imagine Christmas without snow, so strange! I studied abroad in Australia from February to June and it was nice to escape the Minnesota cold for the weather when I arrived though!

    1. I couldn't either until I moved here! There's nothing quite like an Australian summer (or any season for that matter, most of the country stays pretty warm year-round!).

      xx Julia