Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Nail polishes has the closest comparison between the beauty world and a wardrobe. There are many different finishes, colours, textures and you can change them out with the seasons. I do anyway! Summer is coming into full swing in Sydney so I'm pulling out my favourite summer polishes to welcome it!
Essie Mint Candy Apple -
If there were such a thing as classic nail polish colours then this would definitely be one of them. Widely believed to be the perfect minty-blue colour, I love using this during the summer months. Everyone knows that neons and pastels look awesome with a tan but even before the first sunburn of the summer, I pull this out when I want something fresh and clean on the nails.

Kester Black Peach Melba -
Keeping on the pastel theme, Peach Melba is a light peachy colour that screams summer picnics and easy-breezy dresses. It shows up a little darker on the nails than in the bottle but it's a properly pretty colour that could almost count as a summer neutral.

China Glaze Custom Kicks -
There is something about blue nails in the summertime, whether it's the homage to the ocean or the bright blue sky, I don't know, but it works. Custom Kicks is a teal with a difference, the gold micro glitter something a little bit extra on the nails without being too metallic or in your face. China Glaze does some awesome formulas and definitely deserves more beauty community love.

Kester Black Acid -
This colour is about as in your face as they come. It's a true acid green that people will see a mile coming. I love wearing this when I want to make a statement to stand out a bit. This colour will not appeal to everyone but I have gotten so much use out of this already this season that I won't be surprised if I need another bottle before next summer.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Pocket Aces -
I think everyone needs a classic red in any season but sometimes I like to shift gears a bit and go for a red-pink to keep things fresh. Revlon makes some of the best drugstore nail polishes formulas and I love the Gel Envy range for giving great opacity and longevity no matter the colour. Pocket Aces is a pink-coral-red that I always use when I'm not quite sure what to pick. It's the kind of no-brainer colour that goes with everything.

Which colours to you grab in the summertime?

xx Julia

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