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Friday, 4 December 2015

Over the past year or so, I've been trying quite a few new haircare products on the never-ending quest for products that will work well with my lifestyle and hair without containing all the convenient nasties like silicones and sulphates. Right now on the rotation is the Moo Goo Protein Shot Leave In Conditioner.
Moo Goo is a small but really awesome company that was spawned from the founder's need to create skincare products for people like his mother-in-law who suffered from severe eczema with no relief. They've since expanded into beauty and haircare but all of their skincare products remain largely natural, utilising edible oils and renewable ingredients. If you find that your skin or scalp regularly react negatively to products then I seriously recommend you check out this brand because all of their stock are made for people like you!

The Protein Shot Leave In Conditioner is right up my alley, adding hydration and shine to the hair without silicones. Instead Moo Goo uses coconut, jojoba, and olive oils to add a big hit of hydration and milk protein to strengthen and add shine.

I use this product as a first step after I wash my hair in the morning. While the package says to apply a small amount to your hair, my hair has no idea what small means so I typically use about 5-6 pumps on my whole head. Leave-in conditioners are great to add hydration and reduce frizz in your hair before you add your styling products. I don't believe any amount of hydration is too much for my hair so I love slathering it with oils and moisturising products.

What I don't love about this is the packaging. Firstly, it is tiny. Containing only 100mL, this product is not going to last me much longer. Perhaps that's only a problem I experience with my very thick curly hair, but I doubt it. Also, unless I'm just a nincompoop and cannot navigate packing effectively, I find the pump incredibly difficult to pump, especially when my hands are covered in already-applied leave-in conditioner. Those two things, while they seem minor, are seriously threatening the chances of me repurchasing this product.

All that being said, finding drugstore, affordable, curly-friendly haircare products is just hard and being able to get to this one easily makes the difficulties a bit worth it. I suppose we'll see when crunch time comes and I run out, but I do look positively on this product in the long run.

Find out where Moo Goo is stocked near you or get it shipped directly to your door through the Moo Goo website.

xx Julia

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