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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Let's be honest for a minute: vlogging is a bit weird. Someone sitting alone with a camera, sharing their life and thoughts with complete strangers. But we all love it and watch it anyway. I've been watching vloggers for about 5 years and I have some personal favourites.
Marina Watanabe
Marina is a very, very dry wit who makes videos about feminism, racism, intersectionality, and, occasionally, tv shows. Her videos are educational, well researched and well presented and they target a specific group of internet users who don't mind getting nitty and gritty with uncomfortable politics like light-skinned privilege and body image. I love how smooth her presentation is and how much effort she puts into researching her videos before she even turns on the camera. She's also very funny and you can see plenty of her wit in some of her older videos where she shares stories about her community college classes and family. View her channel here

Lucy Moon
I first stumbled into Lucy's online sphere through her second channel teawiththreesugars and VEDJ (vlog everyday in January). I really enjoyed her eclectic mix of content including her poetry and music covers. Her main channel features some of the things found on her second channel but also some of the most original video ideas I've come across. Her videos are always from the heart and open themselves up to discussion and sharing experiences. She's also a great poet. View her channel here.

I remember being told about this guy many, many years ago by a high school friend but I didn't start paying attention to him until later. What's great about Jimmy is he is very casual and easy to watch and listen to. I know that every video of Jimmy's that I watch will be a good time, even for some of the more serious ones. He's a jokester and he just makes me giggle every time. View his channel here.

Rosianna Halse Rojas
A lot of people will know Rosianna as John Green's personal assistant but I found her through my eternal search for intersectional feminist vloggers. After watching her rant about the problems with throwing a 'tribal' themed party on her university campus, I was hooked. Rosianna makes a lot of videos talking about serious issues facing young people, oppressed people, and everyone else more generally. My personal favourites are her book themed videos or any time she rails against being young and lost. View her channel here.

I've been watching these creatives for many years and I feel a personal connection with each of them. It's such an odd relationship between creator and consumer that we've grown in this new digital era but I guess we won't know the repercussions for a while yet.

Do you have any favourite vloggers?

xx Julia

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