My Dip into Luxury Makeup

Thursday, 17 December 2015

I'll be honest, this past year I have become a bit of a makeup snob in the sense that I very rarely pick up drugstore products anymore but I still don't often dip my toe into the luxury beauty end of the pool. That being said, I have been eyeing up the Burberry Eye Colour Silk in Pale Barley for years. Listening to beauty bloggers rave about this product finally pushed me over the edge and I picked it up.

Luxury makeup is a serious step up as far as price goes. This little fellow set me back $49, the most I have ever paid for a single eyeshadow before. But something you get from luxury brands that you can't fake at a lower price point is the packaging. Pale Barley is encased in a beautiful gunmetal case within a little velvet sleeve. The sleeve, case, and shadow are all printed with the classic Burberry check to remind you that this is a luxury product.

The Eye Colour Silks are a beautiful formula, packing a lot of pigment into a buttery smooth formula. What I love about this shade in particular is you can build the shade up to something remarkable in a detailed eye look or you can sheer it out to a simple wash for everyday.

It may not look like anything unique in the pan, but Pale Barley is a unique cool-toned beige (or greige even) with just enough shimmer and dimension to keep it interesting. I love that you could warm it up with gold and chocolate complementary tones or keep it cool with greys and taupes very easily. It almost makes the price tag worth it when the product is so versatile!

Now, I don't know how often I'll be shopping with Burberry or any other luxury brand in the future but Pale Barley has really awakened me to what's available. Do you shop in luxury brands or stick to something more affordable?

xx Julia


  1. I haven't tried any luxury brands, but that eyeshadow is on my wishlist!

    1. I feel like it's on everyone's lists! It's just one of those beauty community things haha

      xx Julia