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Friday, 11 December 2015

Indie nail polish companies have always interested me, especially as indie beauty brands become more and more well-known. While whiling away a few hours in a small mountain town, my friends and I wandered into a vintage/handmade type store I found these nail polishes from Kester Black. I immediately fell in love with the colours and decided to pick them up.
Kester Black is an indie nail polish company based in Melbourne. Their website features all of their nail polish collections and a few body products and nail tools. I also love their Instagram where they post daily colour inspiration which is just a cool addition to my feed. Kester Black is cruelty free, vegan, and palm oil and soap free. Their founder feels strongly in ethically produced beauty products but also wants to create unique and trend-driven cosmetics.

The two colours I picked up are definitely unique to my collection but are also unlike many things I've seen on the market otherwise. Acid is a properly bright green-yellow that is startling and awesome on the nails. I get many, many comments (good and surprised) when I wear this and I love that. Peach Melba is much more laid-back and perhaps a little less unique. It's a milky, peachy colour that appears a shade darker on the nails than in the bottle. I love these types of pastel colours for on the toes over summer.

The formula of these polishes definitely compares to the mainstream market. They apply evenly without running or streaking. I prefer two coats to get the colour opaque but I have been known to paint four coats of Acid for added effect. As far as wear goes, Kester Black performs better than Essie  but is about on-par with OPI, depending on how many coats you do.

While indie polishes are a bit of an investment, $20 a bottle, the ethical production, unique colours, and Australian ownership all factor in to me declaring them worth your money. I'm on a bit of a nail polish buying hiatus right now, but when I get back in the game, I will be placing a Kester Black order for sure.

Do you have any indie polish companies you'd recommend?

xx Julia

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