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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Every once in a while it seems like everyone is talking about the same thing all at the same time and it gets me really intrigued. Earlier this year heaps of people were talking about natural deodorants and I finally decided to take the plunge and give it a shot. So, in classic Julia style, I bought three at once.
My hesitation is based in the fact that I have always used antiperspirants and am simply not used to sweating. Plain and simple. But after doing some research and listening to people talk about how unnatural it is to stop yourself from sweating, I thought it would at least be worth giving a try.

What I've since found out is that there are two types of natural deodorants. One covers the scent of your sweat with essential oils and perfumes without doing anything to kill the bacteria that makes your sweat smell. The other kind actually targets the bacteria instead of coving it up.

The one I hear about a lot is the Sukin Natural Deodorant. It's one of the essential oil based natural deodorants and it actually smells quite nice with tangerine, mandarin orange, and lavender oil. What I don't love about this deodorant is the packaging because it's a single-spray spray bottle. This means that when I spray it, the nozzle moves a bit and I miss my armpit on the second spray. I don't have time to think that much about applying deodorant!

The Ego QV Naked Deodorant was a product I had really high hopes for because I use a lot of the Ego QV products and have enjoyed them. This deodorant, though, actually does nothing. I apply it and feel like there's no product coming out of the applicator. But even with product coming out, it doesn't feel like it does anything for me. So disappointing! I'm going to use it up as my 'at home' deodorant just to get my money's worth but I do not recommend it.

My favourite of the bunch is easily the Moo Goo Natural Deodorant. Moo Goo is a great brand that focuses on natural products for people with easily irritated skin. They love using edible oils and you could actually drink this deodorant because it's entirely natural and edible. It smells nice, applies easily, and actually kills the bacteria that makes your sweat smell. I highly recommend this and will definitely repurchase it when I finally work my way through all of these natural deodorants!

I'm still getting used to sweating again but switching to natural deodorants really hasn't been as awful of an experience as I thought it would be. If you've never given it a go, now might be the time for you to take the plunge!

xx Julia

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