NARS x Steven Klein

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Nowadays it seems like every brand is constantly rotating through different collections and I don't think I'm alone in thinking they're becoming a bit lack-lustre. The NARS x Steven Klein collaboration is a whole different story, widely regarded as the best collection in years. I picked up two beautiful pieces and I highly recommend you do the same.
The stand outs of the collection are the two face palettes. What really appealed to me was that NEITHER palette contains Orgasm blush, a rarity with NARS limited edition face palettes. The larger of the two does contain Laguna bronzer but that's a staple product for many people so I don't imagine it's too much of a problem. However, because I did already own three of the powder contained in the larger 7-pan face palette, I decided to go with the smaller 4-pan cheek palette called the Despair palette. It contains three blushes in Savage, a matte coral pink, Esoteric, a shimmery tangerine, and Ferocious, a glittery pink-plum. The fourth pan in the highlight in Nico which is quite a natural cream sheen on the cheeks. 

I must say that I am loving this palette. The pigmentation of each of the blushes is excellent and, even though Savage is VERY pigmented, it blends really well and adds a lovely colour to the cheeks. I think I was most disappointed with Nico because I like rather noticeable highlighter but I don't suppose NARS is particularly well known for their highlighters anyway.

Also, the packaging is second to none. The Steven Klein photograph on the front is striking and beautifully framed with the stark black and white details. A large part of my reasoning for this purchase was the packaging.

I also decided to grab the single eyeshadow in Stud. NARS gets the description almost bang on as a "soft pewter bronze". It looks quite cool-toned in the pan but, when blended out, there is an understated warmth to the shade that makes it quite unique. What the description doesn't tell you is that this eyeshadow is sparklysparklysparkly. It is going to be at the top of my holiday makeup pile as Christmas approaches and I cannot wait!

Did you pick up anything from the NARS x Steven Klein collection?

xx Julia

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