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Sunday, 4 October 2015

As natural and organic makeup brands merge with the mainstream, I'm loving the introduction of more companies and products I've never heard of. After completely running out of concealer, I followed some friends' recommendations to RMS Beauty and the Un-Cover Up.
RMS Beauty is an awesome organic and environmentally conscience cosmetics company available through Mecca Cosmetica. I have swooned multiple times after their Living Luminiser but that's beside the point. Their concealer, contradictorily called Un-Cover Up, comes in a little glass pot with a metal lid and ranges in four shades.

I was at first a bit hesitant about the pot application, worrying that the product might be waxy or difficult to use, but I was proven wrong. The product is super thin and easy to blend into the skin. I like the slightly yellow-based tone for correcting under my eyes and covering any redness I have around my face.

What I find particularly unique about this concealer is the finish. It has a noticeably dewy finish that makes the skin look bright and fresh in that ever-sought-after youthful way. It also inclines me to try using this product as my all-over base to give a healthy glow but I haven't tried that yet.

Really, I think this is a beautiful product and has drawn me ever closer to this awesome brand. Have you tried anything from RMS Beauty? Let me know ~

xx Julia

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