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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Considering they're all supposed to do the same thing, there are an awful lot of options for eyeliner. Other than colours and brands, there are the three main textures: liquid, gel, and pencil. They all add definition to your eyes but with different techniques and overall effect.
Pencil liners are what most people would think of when thinking about eyeliners because they've been around for the longest and are pretty classic. Almost every brand will make a pencil eyeliner and they're great for giving a smudgy, grungy look to your liner. If you don't like your eyeliner to be too harsh or stark next to your shadow or skin, pencil liners are good for adding a soft, less defined line that you can smudge out even further for a smokey or more natural look depending on the colour. Using pencil liner on the top lash line has fallen out of fashion in many regards but is still widely popular to use on the waterlines or on the lower lash line.

For something more defined and often quicker to use, liquid liner is the way to go. They often come in an inkwell format but many have been altered into pen configurations. These you can draw directly onto your eyelid without having to dip the tip back into the ink. Liquid liners are most popular amongst people who want a precise line, often with a wing on the outer corners. Because of the applicator and the formula of the liner itself, I would not recommend liquid liner for the waterlines or the lower lash line.

In recent years gel eyeliner has seen a surge in popularity after drugstore brands like Maybelline, Essence, and L'Oreal began releasing their own formulations. Gel liners are stored in a glass pot that you have to scoop out of and apply with a liner brush. This technique can often be difficult for beginners but, with practise, gel liner is excellent for deep, dark liner designs and for achieving a really defined shape. Sometimes gel liner can be used in conjunction with liquid or pencil liner to pair up the products' strong points of precision with gel liner's intense colour payoff. Gel eyeliner is also usually the longest wearing of the three formulas and is less likely to smudge because of its waterproof nature.

What's your favourite type of eyeliner?

xx Julia

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