Blush | Cream v Powder

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Blush, along with eyeshadow, is one of my top favourite beauty products to shop for, and I'm definitely not alone in that! If you don't share that blush love then you probably can't see the appeal at all; they're all the same, right? Wrong! And let me tell you why.
The classic blush formula is powder and it can come in a wide variety of colour, pigmentation, texture, and level of glitteriness. Powder is very easy to blend into the skin and to apply over any kind of base products. A lot of people say there's about a 2 year shelf-life on powder products but, to be honest, if you take very good care of your products and your brushes then powders can last for a lot longer. The point at which you should consider decluttering a blush is if the consistency and pigmentation has changed or the powder has become much harder in texture because the oils used to press it have completely evaporated.

Like all powder products, powder blushes apply best with a brush that can buff the product easily onto the skin. Depending on pigmentation you can use synthetic or real hair brushes but for something with a lot of pigmentation, using a stippling brush will ensure you don't apply too much product.

My personal favourite blush formula, though, is cream. These are becoming more and more prevalent amongst beauty brands of all price points and I adore them. Cream products blend beautifully into the skin and can look dewy and natural like real skin. While it may not apply to well over powder bases, I love using cream blushes on liquid foundations because they merge seamlessly and can make my skin look flawless. Typically I apply cream blushes with my fingers or a stippling brush if I want to build up the intensity. I love the Stila Convertible Colour formula the best but it's good to shop around and see what formula works for you. There can be great variance in creaminess, pigmentation, and oiliness between different cream blushes so find one that you love and stick to it!

Do you prefer cream or powder blushes?

xx Julia


  1. Great post! I tend to go for powder blushes, but to be honest, that is just because I don't really own any cream blushes. I'll have to give it a go! :)

    1. Definitely! You have no idea what you're missing if you never try something new :]

      xx Julia