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Thursday, 10 September 2015

After you've been growing your beauty collection for a while, you have a really good idea of what types of products you prefer to use over others. Makeup is incredibly personal, though, so what works for you may not work at all for someone else. After taking a good, long look at my own beauty collection, these are the conclusions I've come to.
Lipsticks typically some in two formulas: liquid and the traditional bullet formula. I've got plenty of both in heaps of different colours like most beauty lovers. Each kind has plenty of pros and cons so some will definitely prefer one to the other.

Liquid lipsticks are very pigmented, acting more like a pure pigment suspended in a liquid instead of compressed in a tube. They apply like lipgloss with a wand applicator. This can make application really precise and consistent, as the applicator wand will last for the life of the product. What I don't tend to appreciate is that many liquid lipstick formulas don't set, remaining liquid-y and moveable on the lips making transfer to your hair, your clothes, your teeth really easy. On the other hand, though, this also means you can't melt a liquid lipstick if you leave it in a hot place.

Traditional tube lipsticks have a huge range of finishes from mattes, shimmers, sheer, cream, glossy, etc, etc. I love that you can control the sheerness of each application really easily by applying fewer or more swipes. While application can get inaccurate as you work through the product and flatten the bullet, you can always use a lip brush. Secretly, though, my inner project panner really loves that you can physically see yourself working through the product as it gets shorter and shorter with each application. Depending on the formula, bullet lipsticks can suffer damage from mistreatment in heat or bumping the casing around enough to move the product inside.

Ultimately, I think the huge range in finish, style, and colour of traditional bullet lipsticks means these are my preference. But, that being said, liquid lipsticks are still kind of a new thing on the market and they have plenty of room to grow.

What's your favourite lipstick formula?

xx Julia

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