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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Eyeshadow palettes didn't really hit the scene until Urban Decay launched the Naked Palette in 2010. This was the first time people started paying attention to using eyeshadow palettes for everyday wear and it changed the market for the average makeup lover. Now, you can really draw a line between people who love single eyeshadows and people who love palettes. So, what's the difference?
Perhaps the largest advantage of the eyeshadow palette is convenience. Someone has already grouped the best colours and textures together to give you heaps of options for eye looks without having to dig through your collection to find them in singles. They also tend to be very travel friendly: instead of storing 6 little eyeshadow pots, you just need to grab one palette and go.

Eyeshadow palettes also tend to be great value for money. For example, in Australia, a single Urban Decay eyeshadow at 1.4g (0.05oz) retails for $28 or $20/g whereas the Naked palettes with 17g (0.6oz) of product retail for $78 or $4.6/g. In terms of product amount per dollar, you're paying significantly less for eyeshadows you purchase in palette form.

The downfall of palettes tends to lie in their strengths. When you don't get to individually pick each eyeshadow shade, you are bound to purchase a palette with at least one shade that you won't use or won't find enough use for to justify its presence in your collection. You also tend to get a lot of repeats: for example, matte blacks. Many, many palettes contain their version of a matte black shadow so, after a while, they add up. Palettes can also be a rather expensive investment for some. Instead of spending a cheeky $10 or $15 on a single shadow in the drugstore, dropping over $50 on eyeshadow in one hit can be a bit unreasonable.

What I love about single shadows is that you can pick and choose colours that you absolutely love or that you're lacking in your collection. Instead of picking up a palette of 8 shadows, you can purchase just one to fill the sparkly green hole in your heart. This can make your collection intensely personally and individualised for your tastes and habits meaning that no product goes wasted or unused.

Single shadows are also much easier to love. I'm sure most of us have experienced that one shadow in a palette that we love well and above the others. It usually has a huge dip in it or, worst case scenario, gets used up well before the rest of the palette. Now you're in a pickle because it would be silly to repurchase an entire palette for one shadow, but you're also missing your favourite! This is not the case with single shadows, as long as their permanent colours, you can always repurchase them as necessary.

So, which do you prefer, eyeshadow palettes or singles?

xx Julia

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