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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Do you ever go onto foreign websites and build a basket of stuff that you would buy if they did ship to your country? No? Okay, well I definitely do and this time it was with Space.NK. Little did I know, Space.NK does ship to Australia! They recently introduced Borderfree shipping which is just knocking down the barriers between me and European skincare.
Let's start with Caudalie. I discovered the brand in the wonderful pharmacies across Spain while I was there over the summer. After loving the products I purchased on that trip, I want to try more! The Beauty Elixir would be a repurchase because I absolutely love the fresh, herbally scent of it and it's a beautiful product to use in stressful, flustery situations like travelling and hot summer days. I also liked the sound of the Moisturising Toner only because I can't seem to find a place for toner in my skincare routine and I think that might be because I've been reaching for the wrong kind. A gentle boost of hydration sounds right up my alley! Then there's the Glycolic Peel Mask. This is a new product to Caudalie and it fulfils my odd obsession with glycolic resurfacing products to smooth my skin to the nth degree.

Now, on to some seriously expensive cult products. The Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm will probably go down in the annals of history as one of the most talked about skincare product. It's supposed to be the best cleansing balm on the market and that's plenty to spark my interest! More recently there's been heaps of chatter about the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. In a perfect world, I would purchase both and feel like the queen of the beauty blogging community. One day. I've also always been intrigued by the hype around the Sarah Chapman skincare brand, particularly the Skinesis Morning Facial. In my opinion, I can never have enough products to plump and brighten my skin, so into the basket it goes.

While Living Proof is carried by Mecca in Australia, they don't have the Curly range of haircare products. Just to see what other styling products are out there for my curly hair, I'd love to give the Defining Styling Cream and the Enhancing Styling Mousse a try. Lastly, another cult product, Seche Vite. After I've started to paint my nails really regularly for my Project Pan, I've become really interested in nail care products and I want to see if this will make my nails as shiny as it claims!

What's on your current beauty wish list?

xx Julia

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