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Thursday, 6 August 2015

After you've been growing your beauty collection for a while, you have a really good idea of what types of products you prefer to use over others. Makeup is incredibly personal, though, so what works for you may not work at all for someone else. After taking a good, long look at my own beauty collection, these are the conclusions I've come to.

Eyeshadow pigments are widely regarded, with loose powders, to be the messiest makeup product of all time. They're very easy to spill, can tend to have some serious fall-out, and are generally more messy to apply than pressed eyeshadows. The advantages, though, are that you can really pack the pigment onto the lid for intense pigmentation without having to dig a brush into a hard pressed powder. You can also apply the product wet very easily without damaging or changing the consistency of the rest of the product.

The most common form of eyeshadows in the general market is as pressed powders. These are much easier to package, transport, and, typically, use. The powder doesn't fly all over the place when you open the container or when you travel with them which reduces most of the mess of a pigment. Pressed shadows, though, can dry out over a period of time which makes the pigment within them dry and very difficult to use effectively. Without the binding agent, pigments don't have this problem.

Both pressed and pigment eyeshadows have no limit to their finishes or colours. For my everyday use, I don't really have a preference between pressed and loose pigment eyeshadows. When travelling, though, pressed shadows are just far more convenient and less wasteful.

What's your preferred eyeshadow formula?

xx Julia

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