My 6 Month Beauty Spending Ban | Introduction

Thursday, 4 June 2015

On May 28th I successfully completed my 100 beauty spending ban but, apparently, now I'm hooked. It's an addictive attitude to get into once you start using up your beauty products and get out of mindset of buying for the sake of buying. I've decided to extend my spending ban to 6 months to see to what degree I'm capable of breaking the beauty buying cycle.

The restrictions for my first 100 day ban were pretty strict: I only allowed myself to purchase mascara, conditioner, face cleanser, and face moisturiser as I used my collection of each product up. Since starting the ban, I've taken a makeup inventory so I have a better idea of what kind of numbers I have, and where I want to head with that in the future. And, because I have 100 days under my belt, I feel like I can be less cut-and-dry about my restrictions because I can trust myself not to go berserk in Priceline or Mecca.

Going forward with my 6-month extension, I will allow myself to purchase products that I have run out of as necessary. At the same time, in order to keep myself motivated, I'm going to be undergoing a Project Pan to see how many products I can use up during my spending ban. More details about the products I'll be focusing on and my goals will be in my next video on Sunday if you want to keep your eyes peeled for that.

For me, this spending ban is about getting to the bottom of my spending habits and developing an appreciation for the products I already have in my collection. It's become so easy to let my purchasing of beauty products overtake my ability to use up the new products I collect. I'm a makeup and beauty lover, but I don't want to become a hoarder who allows their collection to overwhelm them. It's all about thinking ahead and getting my beauty stash to a place where I can use up products at the rate I bring new ones in. It may take years, but for me, a curated and well-used collection is worth it.

xx Julia

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