My 100 Day Beauty Spending Ban | Finale

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Back in February I decided to take a rather radical approach to my beauty spending and undertake a 100 day beauty spending ban. I wanted to address the pressure and urge that I often felt, being a part of the online beauty community, to be constantly purchasing the newest and most exciting releases instead of using up and appreciating the products I already had. Now that my 100 days is up, here's what I've learnt from the experience.
I was initially incredibly sceptical about my ability to go 100 days without purchasing any beauty items so I allowed myself four concessions: mascara, conditioner, face cleanser, and face moisturiser. Over the last few months I did end up picking up a new mascara, conditioner, and cleanser as I ran out. If you want some more information about the bits and bobs I did purchase, you can have a look at my recent purchases video here.

I predicted that the first few weeks would be difficult but then not browsing Priceline would become habit and eventually ease into a second nature. What I didn't see coming was the way my temptation to purchase new beauty products would ebb and flow over the 100 days. It wasn't even necessarily new product releases that caught my interest but long-lusted-after wish list items would leave me frustrated for a purchase. This was pretty eye-opening because it showed me that much of my purchasing attitude was shaped by boredom instead of necessity or a wish to feel included.

Thankfully, I managed to avoid all temptations and excuses to make it successfully through my 100 day spending ban. If nothing else, I'm so pleased for the experience for opening me up to the project pan community on Youtube. They're a wonderfully supportive and inspiring group of makeup lovers who really helped me stay motivated to use up products and focus on what I've already purchased instead of what I was lusting after on any particular day.

For completing the ban, I purchased a reward for myself: the Stila Field of Florals Convertible Color  Dual Lip & Cheek Palette. I'm incredibly excited about using this beautiful collection of colours. For the future, I have some more spending ban projects planned that I'll explain in more detail later this week.

Would you try taking a 100 day spending ban?

xx Julia

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