Creating a Relaxing Environment

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

If, like me, you're currently studying at university then you're either smack in the middle of or in the lead-up to the exam period. Struggling to find time and space to study is a familiar experience for me so I've accumulated a few tips on how to create a calming environment. You could use these for study sessions or just for taking a bit of time to relax amongst the havoc of modern existence.
Turn off any unnecessary screens. We are constantly bombarded with information from our phones, computers, tvs, etc which makes relaxing and focusing almost impossible. Turning off and moving away from all the screens in our lives allows us the time to breathe and just be present in the moment. If you have to be typing for an assignment, I tend to turn my wifi off so I'm at least not tempted to continue to check Facebook over the course of whatever I'm doing.

Put on some music. If you're the type of person who appreciates some background sound, putting on a relaxing soundtrack can help you settle into your space and let the rest of the world go for a little while. The key here, though, is to not get sucked into creating the perfect playlist and thus procrastinating into the next year.

Burn a candle. For me, there's nothing that quite creates an environment like a scented candle. Depending on my mood and the season I'll choose between vanilla, lavender, or citrus scents to create the perfect cozy environment for studying, reading, or just relaxing. If you want to spread the scent throughout the home, you could try using a scented oil instead; these are much more concentrated and tend to disperse more scent over a wider space.

Minimise clutter. Whether this means cleaning off your desk or making your bed, having a clean working environment allows your mind to relax and focus more easily. Again, try not to turn this step  into a procrastination technique.

Get cozy and comfortable. Whether that means cranking the heater up, making a pillow nest, or never leaving your pjs, get nice and comfy for maximum relaxation. Consider, if you're wrapped in the perfect blanket burrito, you're less likely to want to get up and interrupt your focus. It's basically science.

What are some of your tips for creating a relaxing environment?

xx Julia

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